How To Make $50 A Day On Amazon Mechanical Turk: The Crazy Hacks

This guide will teach you how to make money on Amazon Mechanical Turk, how you can start making $50 a day on Amazon Mechanical Turk and ways to increase your mTurk Earnings.

While many people are looking for a work-from-home or online jobs that will provide a full-time income or salary, there are many others who are perfectly happy earning a little extra income in their spare time.

Amazon Mechanical Turk also known as mTurk offers you the freedom to complete menial tasks for small sums of cash. Maybe you would be happy earning $50 a day online if it was on your own terms and your own time.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing marketplace owned by Amazon where people can earn money by completing small jobs called small tasks.

In this article I will be showing how you can start making your own $50 a day on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

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What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk(mTurk) is an crowdsourcing marketplace that provides an on-demand, scalable, human workforce to complete jobs that humans can do better than computers.

MTurk was launched in 2005, and it is a platform where “requesters” post mind-numbingly boring jobs called “Human Intelligence Tasks” (HITs) that workers can complete for very small sums of cash.

Amazon Mechanical Turk software formalizes job offers to the many people willing to carry out those work at their convenience.

How Amazon Mechanical Turk Works?

For you to make money on Amazon Mechanical Turk, you have to complete tasks and then submit those completed tasks for approval.

The tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk are called HITs, or human intelligence tasks. They’re posted by people called “Requesters.”

A Requester is a company, organization, or person that creates and submits tasks (HITs) to Amazon Mechanical Turk for workers to perform.

A user of MTurk can be either a “Worker” (contractor) or a “Requester” (employer). Workers have access to a dashboard that displays three sections: total earnings, HIT status and HIT totals.

Workers set their own hours and are not under any obligation to accept any particular task.

Amazon classifies the Workers as contractors rather than employees, and refuses to file forms or pay payroll taxes.

The website has lots of jobs posted by people who need help with something. You can choose from hundreds of tasks!

A Turker can potentially complete up to 5,000 HITs in a single day. The more HITs you perform, the more you can earn.

There are no set schedules or minimum hours to work though you do need to complete at least one HIT per day during your first 10 days as a Worker (there’s also a 100 HIT per day limit during your first 10 days).

Completed HITs have to be approved by the Requester before payment is released. This usually take place within 24 hours. Once the Requester approve the hits, the payment will be made available on your dashboard.

There is an initial hold period of 10 days for new workers. After that, you can request a disbursement of earnings to your Amazon Payments or Amazon gift card balance once a day if you like.

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Common Amazon Mechanical Turk Tasks That You Can Do

  • Completing Market Research Surveys
  • Categorizing images and information
  • Checking image tags
  • User Testing of websites and apps
  • Internet search queries
  • Data entry and recording and spreadsheet work
  • Comparing items and data records
  • Content moderation
  • YouTube video ratings
  • Extracting General Data from a Shopping Receipt
  • Transcription – Listening to audio files and typing/converting them to text
  • Taking photos of something (the requester will state details of what is needed in the pic) and uploading
  • Writing a short description (Details will be provided)Data collection, duplication, and validation
  • Cleanup and validation
  • Evaluating items for quality
  • And many other tasks that you can choose from

How Much Can I Earn on Mechanical Turk?

There is no precise hourly wage for each task, and for the most part, people report average earnings of less than minimum wage.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is not exactly a viable primary source of income, and for some cases, it takes quite a bit of time (and a lot of HITs) before becoming a viable side hustle.

When looking for tasks on MTurk, each HIT have a price that will be paid out to workers as well as a time allotment to complete it.

The easiest and lowest-paying tasks go for as low as a penny, while others can be done for somewhere from $0.50 to a couple of dollars.

At times, Turkers can also run into high-paying ones that pay upwards of $50 upon task completion.

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There are many people who have made $50+ on a daily basis on Amazon MTurk. Nevertheless, there are some certain things and habits you’ll need to develop and follow in order to change $0 days to $50 days. All of these work together to get you that higher payout.

1. Download a browser extension and utilize scripts and bots.

Fortunately for non-programmers like me, some technical people have created third-party scripts, bots, and browser extensions to help line up HITs and to help us work more efficiently.

Having the help of scripts, bots and a browser extension will work together with all the other tips below to help you make $50 (and more!) on Amazon MTurk.

This browser extension, bots and scripts will help you work more efficiently in searching and previewimg HITs.

This will allow you to put your time to better use – completing tasks and making money, instead of wasting time searching for tasks.

Here are few examples of browser extension, bots and scripts you can use to make more money on MTurk.

  1. Turkopticon: A site where Turkers rate requesters’ communication, generosity, fairness, and promptness on a scale from 1-5. (Used to filter out or avoid bad actors who populate MTurk.)
  2. Turkmaster: A browser extension that finds HITs based on criteria, including pay, and pushes them to you. (Saves time spent looking for tasks, and increases the amount made.)
  3. Mmmturkeybacon: An extension that tallies projected earnings for the day.
  4. A popular extension is the MTurk Suite Chrome extension, which is a collection of tools to help you work more efficiently within MTurk.
  5. You can also check out Panda Crazy Max, which will collect HITs for you at a set time value.

A word of warning when choosing which scripts, bots and extensions you’ll use is to never use a script that will automate your tasks for you!

Such kind of scripts, bots and browser extensions go against MTurk’s terms of service and can get you kicked off the platform. Always complete the tasks you accept yourself!

2. Calculate the hourly rate payout to choose the highest paying hits

Before you spend your time to complete a Hits look at the payout. Know the amount you want to be making every hour and you this to determine the kind of Hits you are going to accept.

This will help you to filter HITs by how much they pay. Although, the browser extension and scripts that you downloaded and installed helps with this! You can use the HIT finder tool to filter and find the best HITs to complete.

3. Be available

The best paying HITs usually come up during business hours and on weekdays. That’s when most Requesters are online submitting their tasks, after all.

Know the best time to turk. Knowing the best hours can help you increase how much money you make on MTurk.

4. Make good use forums

MTurk forums like MTurk Crowd, Turkerview, MTurk Forum, r/HITsWorthTurkingFor and the r/mturk subreddits all have threads and communities that provide daily updates on the best HITs to complete to increase your payout!

Use forums to find the best hits and to get tips from other turkers. There are some really helpful forums where Workers list good HITs available that day.

5. Make good use of batch hits

Batches allow you to complete similar HITs one after the other in a short space of time. Many people ignore batches because of the low payout number attached. However, batches can be a gold mine once you start to dig deeper.

6. Keep up with a high approval score

Maintaining an approval score of more than 99%! Your approval score is a percentage that show the number of times that your submissions have been approved.

A higher approval score tells requesters that your work is usually of excellent quality. Some Requester have a minimum requirement for a turker’s approval score.

So it is good if you can have approval score of more than 90%, so as to access and not miss out on thousands of HITs.

Focus on keeping you approval score towards 100% so as to meet up with the requirements of some Requester and also to build your profile and boost your qualifications.

7 Qualify for higher-paying HITs

You can qualify for higher-paying HITs by completing sample tests and participating in quick surveys.

Meeting these qualifications usually only takes a few minutes but will give you access to a wider variety of tasks offered by a certain provider.

If you want to maximize your earnings on MTurk, try to increase your qualifications so you can accept these well-paying HITs.

How To Sign-up Amazon Mechanical Turk?

If you’ve not gotten an MTuker account, here’s a step by step guide to create an account for free. It is simple and takes just few minutes.

  • Go to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk signup page
  • Click on “Request A Worker Account”
  • Sign in with your Amazon account login, or create a new Amazon account
  • Once you’re signed in to Amazon, you’ll create your MTurk account
  • Wait for verification of your MTurk account, which can take up to 48 hours
  • Once verified, you’ll set up your payment information to receive your payouts. Moreso, once you are verified you start out in a probation period where you need to complete at least 1 HIT for 10 days.
  • During that period, you have a cap of 100 HITs per day and you can’t withdraw your money. After the 10 days are over, there are no withdrawal restrictions.

Can you make money on MTurk?

Yes, you can make money on Mturk! There are tons of people making huge paydays on Amazon Mechanical Turk every single day

Is MTurk legit?

MTurk is an Amazon platform, so it’s definitely legit opportunity to earn extra cash. It’s an easy way to make money on the side, especially in your free time. You are paid real cash directly to your bank account or with an Amazon gift card.

The pros of MTurk

  1. It is easy to get Started
  2. It can be done remotely so it’s easy to work from home
  3. Amazon Mechanical Turk is part of, so you know it’s credible, reliable, and trustworthy.
  4. Get paid into your bank account or Amazon Gift Card
  5. You do not required specialized skill.
  6. You set your own schedule and choose the tasks you want to complete.
  7. You choose your own working hours
  8. You choose how often you want to be paid
  9. There are a wide variety of tasks to choose from
  10. You do not require any training to get started.It’s a simple way to earn some extra money from the comfort of your own home

The cons of MTurk

  1. You are not employed by MTurk so you have no employee benefits
  2. Many tasks are listed for very low wages
  3. There is no set hourly wage
  4. You must be available during normal business hours to get the best jobs
  5. Requesters may sometimes reject your work for no particular reason
  6. You need to complete many tasks to make good money

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can you make on MTurk in a day?

If you are consistent and focused, you could easily make between $50 to $100 a day on MTurk.

It all depends on how quickly you can complete tasks, and knowing how to get the highest-paying jobs.

The more you continue to increase your qualifications and strengthen your profile, it’s possible to make $200-$250 a day.

How long does it take to earn good money on MTurk?

You can start earning good money on MTurk about fourteen to twenty-one days after you sign up for MTurk.

When you created your account you will need to wait for 2-3 days for your information to verified.

After that you will start a 10-day probationary period . In this period you’re limited to only 100 HITs a day.

After the 10 days probationary period you will be allowed to complete unlimited numbers of tasks or HITs.

Is there any qualifications to work on MTurk?

The only qualifications that you must have to work on Mturk are that you need to be at least 18 years old and have an internet connection.

How do I get paid on MTurk?

There are two different ways to receive payment. The first is getting your money paid into your bank account, which could take up to 3-4 days.

The second method of payment is with an Amazon gift card, which is available within 24 hours. You must have at least $1 in your MTurk account to request a payout.

Why did I get rejected from MTurk?

The popular reason why your application could be rejected by MTurk is that they were unable to verify your identity.

However, one of the main complaints of the platform is that no explanation is given when an application is denied.

Wrapping Up On How To Make $50 A Day On Mturk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a cheap way for businesses to get tasks done without having to scale workforce.

For people that like to work remotely, it could be a great side hustle provided you put in the time and are willing to do tasks that no one else is usually willing to.

Although, there are many people making a full time income working on MTurk and it’s totally possible for you too!

All of these little tips will add up to help you make $50 MTurk every day on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

What do you think of MTurk? Is it a viable side hustle or not? Are there any other MTurk tricks you use to increase your earnings? Let me know in the comment section below.

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